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Win64 OSX
MAXBAX is a fully passive Baxandall EQ with extra mid band.
  • LOW: 20-30-40-60-85-120Hz with stepped boost/cut (0.5dB).
  • MID: 0.2-0.4-0.8-2-4-7kHz with stepped boost/cut (0.5dB).
  • HIGH: 9-13-16-20-27-40kHz with stepped boost/cut (0.5dB).
  • OUT: +/-6dB with stepped boost/cut (0.5dB).
  • LR/MS: Dual Mono or Mid/Side processing.
  • LINK: Will link L and R.
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Faydit Apr 11 2022
(3 / 5)
Apr 11 2022
On the one hand a good sounding plugin, on the other hand there meanwhile are a lot of comparable plugins existing, so that I doubt, that many people will seriously need another one like this. High band frequency selection looks strange to me. Overlapping Mid and High band down to eg. 2 - 3 kHz would have been the better choice in my opinion, as it is, High band has not really too much practical use for me, I personally can hardly even hear 9 kHz, much less everything higher, so for me this is rather a 2 band equalizer. 27 and 40 kHz are already ultrasonic, what should somebody seriously equalize with these - for humans not even audible - bands, the echolocation of some bats?
GWB70 Apr 11 2022
Apr 11 2022
Hi There : What EQ with/ mid/side capabilities, would you recommend here ? Can you put a link ? Thank you.
Faydit Apr 13 2022
Apr 13 2022
I usually do not give any recommendations her, but Analog Obsession also offers some other - in my opinion - nice EQ's. Some with mid/side option, others without.
Martin May 08 2022
May 08 2022
@GWB70: Free EQs with M/S capability: Voxengo Marvel GEQ by Voxengo (Graphic EQ). Slick EQ by Tokyo Dawn Labs & Variety of Sound (4 Band EQ). BXQ by Analog Obsession (Baxandall EQ). MEqualizer by MeldaProduction (Parametric EQ). T-RackS Classic Equalizer by IK Multimedia (Semi-parametric EQ). Voxengo Overtone GEQ by Voxengo (Graphic EQ). T-RackS EQual by IK Multimedia (Parametric EQ). lkjb QRange by lkjb Plugins (Parametric EQ). sTILTV2 by TBProAudio (Tilt EQ).
Martin May 08 2022
May 08 2022
I don't mean to offend, but if you are having trouble hearing 9khz, how do you decide when a track needs HF air (12kHz and beyond)?
Don Apr 08 2022
Apr 08 2022
32 bit ? Please why we have to follow the sheep! All the best music was made with out this 64 Bit upgrade shat!
Because Apr 09 2022
Apr 09 2022
Because 32bit was old 10 years ago.
Oha Apr 10 2022
Apr 10 2022
For me it's the other way around. I can only use 64bit
Don Apr 12 2022
Apr 12 2022
Eventually the devs will hit a brickwall!! So back up all ya vsts!! because they will disappear!
Time to ban 32-bit Don for spamming Apr 21 2022
Apr 21 2022
It's seriously time to stop whining and upgrade your system. You can't have new technology on an old system, and no one is going to backtrack to cater to you. It's the equivalent of writing to Spotify that they won't send you a cassette track of your favorite songs, it just isn't going to happen. Time to put on the big boy pants, come out of your mom's basement, and buy a computer made this decade. I can understand analog elitism, but whining that new plugins don't run on Windows 95 is just super cringe. Also just use J Bridge like the rest of the planet to run your outdated plugins. /endrant
Drewi May 05 2022
May 05 2022
Some of us have invested a lot of money in ourhumble and meagre 32 bit systems.
Anonymous Apr 08 2022
Apr 08 2022
There are no ratings here yet because most people don't know who Peter Baxandall was. That's why nobody knows the importance of your software. So I recommend readers to take a look at Wikipedia.
Because Apr 10 2022
Apr 10 2022
That's because most Amp builders care about Baxandall, the analog circuit is beauty in it's simplicity, but in software it doesn't mean much.
Anonymous Apr 11 2022
Apr 11 2022
Of course, I assume that the author really tried to recreate a Baxandall filter sound and didn't just write the name on it :)