NA Chromatic Tuner
by Nembrini Audio
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Win64 OSX
NA Chromatic Tuner gives you fast, accurate tuning.

  • Big, bright full color LED display.
  • Get perfect tuning anytime, anywhere with the iOS version for iPhone/iPad.
  • Calibration To Any Pitch Standard - A=440 Default.
  • Drop/Capo Mode: Nembrini Audio Tuner Will Auto-Transpose Notes Up Or Down To One Full Octave.
  • Compact tuner gives you fast, accurate tuning tool in a single plugin.
  • Ultra-precise tuner gives you ±0.01 cent accuracy for ultimate tuning performance.
kifh Sep 13 2023
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Sep 13 2023
I agree with CESSAR NOVA. If you use FL Studio, the native plugin is much better!
CESSAR NOVA Apr 10 2022
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Apr 10 2022
Not Good tune detection very slow G Tune By GVST Better than this
Julian Sep 09 2022
Sep 09 2022
En cual daw probaste, FL, cubase, reason, logic, en cual lo probaste??