beyerdynamic Virtual Studio
by Beyerdynamic
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Win32 Win64 OSX
beyerdynamic Virtual Studio is a room emulation / monitoring utility.

It virtually simulates real speaker systems (such as stereo or 5.1) in various environments (recording studio, concert halls, cars etc.) on your headphones.

The bVS plug-in can be used as the final effect in the mastering process of music software and uses impulse responses based on the principle of convolution to calculate how an audio track or signal would sound on a given speaker, in an ideal position in a certain environment.
John Burns Jul 13 2023
(2 / 5)
Jul 13 2023
Weird plugin. Clearly just an mp3 player reverb that's been repurposed as a DAW reverb. The "big venue" setting might be useable in your mix if you set the wet/dry blend using your daw or use it as an aux. Won't add much to your arsenal of reverb plugins.
Vince Aug 31 2023
Aug 31 2023
It's not a reverb plugin.
ileryon Feb 24 2024
Feb 24 2024
I swear this is so good it should be in the front page. I can't even laugh at it; I am shocked.
Soundgirl Jun 17 2023
(4 / 5)
Jun 17 2023
A easy to use plugin! Though it could have been a neat feature if it has a output control (so that you won't need to use a gain plugin after it), I typically like to use the car simulation in this one, other than those it's a pretty useful plugin though!
Melko Mar 22 2023
(4 / 5)
Mar 22 2023
Nice plugin
Renegade Jan 30 2023
(5 / 5)
Jan 30 2023
Where do you get more presets or how do I make one for my studio so I can work at home.
ME 404 Oct 21 2022
Oct 21 2022
Shameless Plugs Nov 11 2022
Nov 11 2022
Make sure to copy both beyerdynamicVS.dll and into your VST folder...
Refan Aug 20 2022
(2 / 5)
Aug 20 2022
I can't run it, I'm using cubase 5 and I already copied the 2 elements on my vst catalog from 64 and 32, but 64 doesn't appears and when I put 32 my project gets corrupted
Billybobbing Nov 11 2022
Nov 11 2022
Cubase doesn't allow lots of VST's.. even though that are the ones who made the format. It's why I ditched Cubase. Try Studio One. You can use VST, VST 2, VST 3 and AU components. :)
Anonymous Aug 14 2022
(5 / 5)
Aug 14 2022
Wonderful space simulations & great for mix reference.
FRA Jul 10 2022
Jul 10 2022
John Aug 13 2022
Aug 13 2022
FRA- install both files into your VST directory.
cyber_T Apr 17 2022
(5 / 5)
Apr 17 2022
A must-have plugin with high-end algorithms from one of the most established microphone-companies.
Vince K Aug 31 2023
Aug 31 2023
This can be used with different brands of mixing headphones besides Beyerdynamic?
Cyem on The Beat Apr 13 2022
(5 / 5)
Apr 13 2022
I have used this tool to review how my masters would sound in different environments before I can distribute on social networks.
Vince K Aug 31 2023
Aug 31 2023
What a game changer! Looking forward to mixing through it.