by LoopToGO
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LoopToGo is a looper capable of hosting VST3 plugins.

Though it looks a bit like a DAW and have some similar functionalities, it's not a DAW. It's a looper designed for live performance.

With LoopToGo, it's easy to use "programmed" looping (also known as "scripted looping", "arranged looping" or "pedal free looping") for great live performance. LoopToGo can also be used as a standard looper thanks to its Jam mode.

 It is a VST3 plugins host which give acces to plenty of free or paid effects or instruments.
  • Very intuitive « Scripted » looping (standard looping also possible via Jam mode).
  • Midi in/out support.
  • Synchronized partition (lyrics and chords).
  • Free Tempo Mode (tempo computed from first loop).
  • Unlimited number of record and play loops.
  • Unlimited tracks for Pro Version.
  • Support of VST3 plugins.
  • Designed for live performance.
  • Support for automation.