SN02-G VU Meter
by Sender Spike
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SN02-G VU Meter is a mono / stereo /mid-side VU meter VST plug-in that can save you from headaches and potential VU metering analysis paralysis.

  • It takes very little space while preserving comfortable readability–most VU meters I’ve tried fit one meter where SN02-G fits two (ok, it’s more like 66-75% of SN02-G), while the size of gauges is still roughly comparable.
  • SN02-G has all controls directly on the front panel.
  • It has only four fixed nominal reference levels for 0dBvu (-12, -14, -18, and -20 dBFS) — go, figure.
  • It’s a two-in-one package — you can put it on mono or stereo track (or switch the mode of the track) and it will/should behave accordingly (see manual for details).
  • When inserted on a stereo track you can select the display of summed mono on both meters, LR, or M/S respectively.
  • It has a switchable max. value needle with hold duration of 1 second.
  • Sample peak leds with hold duration of 300 ms.
  • Scribble strip (can be “peeled off” by deleting all text).
  • Switching between normal GUI and a larger version (1.45x).
HF_3000 Dec 22 2022
(5 / 5)
Dec 22 2022
Does the Job! No need to pay any VU-Meter.