by TheZhe
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Win64 OSX
TheUtility is a tool for blending wet and dry signals.

  • Inputs: Main: wet input (connect after another effect). Aux: dry input (connect before another effect).
  • Complement (Wet)*:  A.k.a "delta" or "delta monitoring". Replace the wet signal with it's complement with respect to the dry signal, where the complement is defined as: Complement = Dry - Wet.
  • Invert L/Invert R (Wet): Invert the polarity of the wet signal's left/right channel.
  • Dry/Wet (Pan)*: Apply pans to the dry/wet signal.
  • Mode (Pan)*: Link wet pan to dry pan. "Inverted" mode sets wet pan to the negative of dry pan.
  • Makeup (Volume): Apply a makeup gain to the wet signal.
  • Mix (Volume)*: Mix the wet and dry signals.
*May not work as expected if the dry input is not connected.

VST3 / AU.
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Anonymous May 04 2022
(4 / 5)
May 04 2022
Hi, I've tried several times to convince you of a better user interface. It's all about the little things. Compare your plugin with that of Ableton. The differences aren't big, but with the Ableton I can see what's going on at one glance. Thanks. watch at 0:43
Zhe May 09 2022
May 09 2022
Thanks for the feedback. I will try my best to take that into account.
eb23 Mar 16 2022
(5 / 5)
Mar 16 2022
Superb idea, nice execution but... There's a but. A big but, and I cannot lie. One of my pet peeves has always been effects plugins with only one Dry/Wet knob. Because when you turn it up, you get more wet but also less dry. Well, imagine you want to have a steady wet or dry and automate the other? You're... in bad luck. Now this tool is great, but just moves the problem further down the line. Yes, I noticed the Makeup knob. But I think it would be a lot more easier to have, as a replacement or a secondary mode, two different levels. One for dry, one for wet. Simple, easy to automate. But maybe it's out of scope of this particular plugin. Anyways, thanks TheZhe for -another- great plugin.
Zhe Mar 24 2022
Mar 24 2022
User feedback is never out of the scope of my projects! Just released v1.1.0 with support for separate wet/dry knobs. - Zhe
eb23 Mar 27 2022
Mar 27 2022
Is it me, or the dry and wet knobs introduce zipper noise?
Zhe Apr 07 2022
Apr 07 2022
I do not experience them in Reaper, FL, Studio One, and Cubase (Windows 10), but it does happen in Steinberg's VST3PluginTestHost. Modulation-stable parameters are all smoothed, but there's no guarantee that every host will respect this.
eb23 Apr 09 2022
Apr 09 2022
Oops, must be me, or my computer, as I wasn't able to make it happen again since. Sorry for the 'scare' and the delay to answer my own failure. With those changes, this tool is a thousand times more flexible and useful to me, and I hope others too. Kudos and again, thanks for the changes. o/
Marcin Jun 15 2022
Jun 15 2022
Hey, stupid question, but the description "Inputs: Main: wet input (connect after another effect). Aux: dry input (connect before another effect)" really says nothing to me, and i cant figure out how to use this plugin :/ Can you help me out? Do i have to use one copy instance of the plagin or place it in two spots before and after dry/wet? Can't figure it out :(