by Clark Audio
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Win64 OSX
Textures is a sound design tool that gives you the ability to overlay your audio with dust, vinyl crackle, mechanical noise, tape noise, natural environments, soundscapes, & foley sounds.

With Textures you can instantly add character, life, and moods to your sounds. Effortlessly tweak presets with the built in EQ or re-create the characteristics of vintage turntables with the WOW flutter effect. Download the user manual below to learn more about the story of Textures.

Explore through 75 texture presets including: Foley Noise, Mechanical Noise, Tape Hiss, Soundscapes, Nature Environments, & Vinyl Crackles. With Textures you have access to a batch of exclusive preset textures.

Textures comes with a built in High-Pass & Low-Pass EQ panel. The EQ panel applies directly to your selected texture. This allows you to easily manipulate the sound to create a perfect blend over your audio.

The WOW flutter effect manipulates the pitch and speed of your selected texture. This effect was designed to emulate the nostalgic characteristics of vintage turntables.

NOTE : This plugin is listed as an intrument while it only can be used as an insert effect plugin.
gridsleep Oct 18 2022
(5 / 5)
Oct 18 2022
Trying this out. I don't know who Clark Audio are, but inside the zip file a PDF says this was developed by Kits Kreme Audio.