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Win64 OSX
TILTA is an asy to use tilt equalizer.

  • CENTER: Center frequency between 50Hz and 7kHz.
  • GAIN: +/- 10dB tilt equalizer gain.
  • LO CUT & HI CUT: Will let you control unwanted lows and highs.
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Grannitus Aug 13 2022
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Aug 13 2022
Ab in den Master Bus - meine Empfehlung !!!!!
Downhill2k01 May 02 2022
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May 02 2022
Sounds good, as expected from analog obsession. Great rough eq with VERY minimal controls. i find i mix the best when im thinking less and using my ears more, and having really only one knob to deal with is great for that. if i want precision or anything ill just use a different eq, but this is a great tool in the toolbelt
Juergen Mar 29 2022
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Mar 29 2022
Analog Obsession hat einige der Besten kostenlosen Vst plugs die ich auf meinem System verwende. Alle gibt es als vst3, laufen auf Cubase 12 und Samplitude Pro X4 sowie Mixbus 32 C-7 und Cakewalk by Band Lab mit WIN 11 perfekt. TILTA benutze ich zum mastern als auch im Instrumenten Bus - wie immer sehr gut dieses plug in !!!! Danke an Analog Obsession 5 Sterne !!!!
Hi Mar 09 2022
Mar 09 2022
What are the low cut and high cut frequencies and "Q"s? Nice design!
cyber_T Mar 10 2022
Mar 10 2022
Here are some specifications about TILTA and all the other plugins from Analog Obsession. You have to scroll a little bit -> https://www.patreon.com/analogobsession. It´s the Homepage of Rıdvan Küçük (Tunca) from AO. And don´t forget: You could become a patreon (a financial supporter/donator) via this website if you really like the work of Analog Obsession.
Hi Mar 11 2022
Mar 11 2022
Thank you, but why don't you answer directly or write the answer directly into the information text obove? I am sure to be not the only one, who wants to know this. By the way: If I like a software, I always look on further software products of the owner! :)
Martin May 12 2022
May 12 2022
@Hi The developer doesn't mention the cutoff frequencies on the website. You may just have to use external HP/LP filtering if TILTA ones aren't appropriate. To be honest, there are far more comprehensive tilt plugins out there.