by ViatorDSP
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Win64 OSX
TeleVox is a vocal plugin that simulates vocals passing through a phone speaker.

You can affect the speaker fidelity, center frequency, lofi distortion, resonance, and high-low tone filters.
  • Speaker Range - The bandwidth of the filter bank controlling the fidelity of the speaker.
  • Center Frequency - The frequency that the filter bank is centered on.
  • Resonance - Resonance multiplier on the center frequency.
  • Dirt - lofi distortion algorithm.
  • Low - Low tone filter.
  • High - High tone filter.
  • Mac Intel & Silicon | AU & VST3 64 Bit.
  • Windows VST3 64 Bit.
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cyber_T Apr 06 2022
(5 / 5)
Apr 06 2022
Yeah! I was looking for a 64bit "speakerphone-plugin" such a long time. What a great tool. So many thanks to the developer - 5 stars are not enough ;)
Female audio human Mar 26 2022
(5 / 5)
Mar 26 2022
The right vst I'm looking for! Looking forward for some more of this emulation vst in the future (something like a pa system, radio, or even megaphone speaker emulation perhaps would be great to see)