Just A Filter
by ViatorDSP
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Win64 OSX
Just A Filter is a flexible multimode filter EQ.
  • Type: Low-Shelf, Low-Cut, Notch, High-Cut, or High-Shelf.
  • Q: Linear or Proportional: In Linear mode, the bandwidth dial affects the bandwidth in a 1:1 way with no deviation, perfectly fine for anything. In Proportional Mode, the bandwidth is affected by the filter gain. As the filter gain goes towards the max gain, either negative or positive, the bandwidth narrows. So small gains are wide and large gains are narrow. This emulates hardware EQ's like the API 560.
  • Quality: This is the oversampling toggle. In normal mode there is no oversampling, on high mode there is 8X oversampling.
  • Phase flip toggle (green phase symbol left top corner).
  • Gain: Filter gain between -12 and +12 dB.
  • Bandwidth: Q factor, in proportional mode the dial does nothing.
  • Cutoff: Cutoff frequency between 20 and 20k hertz.
  • Platforms: Mac (Universal build) Windows 10 (VST3).
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