by TheZhe
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Win64 OSX
TheChorus is a versatile virtual analog chorus effect that combines digital chorus features with a hybrid analog-inspired bucket-brigade device (BBD)/ladder filter stage.

Use TheChorus as a chorus, flanger, vibrato, stereo widener or doubler and decrease the cutoff for a warm yet gritty bite.

  • Standard chorus parameters: Rate, Depth, and Width.
  • Non-standard chorus parameters: Delay, Mode, Cutoff.
  • Mixing parameters: Mix, Pan, Makeup Volume.
  • Increasing hysteresis and even harmonics with lower cutoffs.
  • Built-in, optimized anti-aliasing.
  • Modulate-able knobs are drawn with solid lines.

- 64-bit Windows/Mac (M1 Apple Silicon supported).
- VST3/AU compatible host.
- Sampling rates: 44.1 to 96kHz.
- System must support SSE3.
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DrakuLaura Mar 07 2022
(5 / 5)
Mar 07 2022
Amazing VST3 Chorus. Very low CPU and great 'CUT-OFF/MAKE-UP' implementation. You can create groovy house transitions with just 'CUT-OFF' knob. As for GUI, it is perfect - minimal and very, very user-friendly, so please don't change GUI!
Saul Mar 09 2022
Mar 09 2022
The knobs are medium usable, but like Jeff, I think, the logic fails. Maybe you can make it more from left to right.
Jeff Mar 06 2022
Mar 06 2022
Let me send you a message through this digital tunnel. You must have put a lot of effort into developing this software. Maybe you are a professional programmer and also a musician. But your programming nature seems to prevail. You consider the special possibilities of your software to be very important and you think the rest is not so important. A slim surface is enough. Now your software meets me. I wonder about the looks. The control options are very interesting and in addition to chorus I also have flange and vibrato. I live in a different world than you. As a musician and creator of music, beauty is also important to me. I see your device as a whole, which can make my guitar sound smoother, more spacious and more alive, but it's not at all fun to look at the user interface while shaping the sound. It's downright de-inspiring. The arrangement of the controls also does not follow any flowing logic for me. The font is also very small. I believe that if you can understand what I feel and mean, from today on you will attach great importance to the fact that the users of your software are inspired to enchant the sound of their guitar just by handling the user interface. May we appreciate living in a colorful harmonious world, make each other great music and breathe real analogue air.
Zhe Mar 06 2022
Mar 06 2022
Not sure when, but UI improvements will come. I promise.
eb23 Mar 09 2022
Mar 09 2022
Personally, I prefer the clarity of flat UIs. The sometimes messy skeuomorphic ones might appeal to older hardware users and I get that. Sometimes having a colored button or two can help to find 'important' knobs. I can only hope if things change, it'll be optional or not too drastic. Probably the best UIs these days are the ValhallaDSP ones. Clear flat -resizeable- UI, left-to-right clear and labeled sections, Important knobs bigger than others, dropdown menus for radical options, altho if space permits radio buttons are fine. YMMV, of course. That said, devil's advocate, etc, Analog Obsession makes quite some gorgeous -yet rather clear- skeuomorphic UIs, so... :D Just avoid black faceplates with black buttons and knobs with thin blue/white lines or text. You know, Roland 19" racks...
Jeff Mar 11 2022
Mar 11 2022
Exactly, looking right is better than to cause a sensation. For example I like Ableton and I hate FL Studio. Its main view with its stupid, sizzling tube seems to me more like a DJ-blowhard-spaceship, with which you can impress your (girl)friend but not create music.