by GuitarML
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TS-M1N3 is a clone of a classic overdrive pedal.

Machine learning was used to create a model of both the drive and tone knobs for an accurate recreation of the pedal in all possible configurations.

Add this to your signal chain prior to amp/cab sims for a realistic overdriven sound on your electric guitar.

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Joe Feb 26 2022
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Feb 26 2022
Thanks GuitarML, love your stuff...especially the older school look ;-) Cool that it's open source.
Joe Feb 28 2022
Feb 28 2022
For those interested, YouTube "TS-9 Cloned with Machine Learning - A/B Test." The actual TS-9 and this plugin sound, essentially, the same.
Faydit Feb 22 2022
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Feb 22 2022
It looks like a 20 years old plugin, also sounds to me like one. But what else can you seriously expect from a machine learning based plugin, which anyway has nothing at all to do with serious, professional circuit programming.
DonnieDarkcore Feb 18 2022
Feb 18 2022
For anybody wondering,.. it's a vst3
B-DAWG Feb 20 2022
Feb 20 2022
Good im sick of full programs clogging up my hard drive !
audioonlinux Feb 21 2022
Feb 21 2022
Very good, the Linux version being in LV2 , it worked fine in Reaper... Thank you very much and all the best :)
Bam Bam Feb 22 2022
Feb 22 2022
If this was a vst2 it wouldn't clog up your hardrive.