by Foleys Finest Audio
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Win64 OSX
Frequalizer is an 6-band EQ with integrated Analyzer.

The Frequalizer features 6 individual frequency bands with each 11 different filter types, including peak, notch, shelving, high pass and low pass. Each band can be individually turned on and off, as well as switched to solo mode, disabling all other bands.

The Frequalizer features an analyzer, that will show the frequencies in the signal before entering the filters and when leaving out of the filter.
Joe Sep 21 2023
(5 / 5)
Sep 21 2023
I love this eq! Free and open source, many advanced features and can only get better in time :-)
John Burns Jul 11 2023
Jul 11 2023
Yet another one that Windows won't let me install. Probably the reason why it has no reviews. Come on you developers, just give us the .dll files.
Joe Sep 21 2023
Sep 21 2023
Many plugins, including most paid, require an installer due to the need for resources that require multiple folders/ locations. I like dlls myself but not always possible. Plus, this plugin is free and open source so probably developed by one or a few.
Joe Sep 21 2023
Sep 21 2023
BTW, literally installed in seconds: VST3 and aax.