by Audio Damage
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Bitcom is a step sequenced bitcrusher.

It is modern bit-shredding digital banshee that beggars description and lives on the edge of instability.

In a nutshell, a step sequencer drives a custom-designed bitcrusher, with a synth sidechain. But that sentence doesn't begin to describe the abuse that Bitcom is capable of. We pulled out every trick in the book to build a modern electronic music effect that can turn even the most sedate input in to a swinging, screaming pain-monkey, wreaking havoc on lesser sounds.
  • Bit Banging: Bitcom's bit engine is unique; each step has eight switches that (to simplify matters greatly) turn individual bits on and off. So all 8 switches on, and the output is pretty much like the input. Start turning them off and Strange Things Happen.
  • Synth Signal: Bitcom includes a simple monophonic synth that can either be always on, envelope driven, or controlled via MIDI. This is mixed with the input signal to create strange new sounds. Alternatively, Bitcom can be used without any input at all, as a moderately capable synth.
  • Sequencer: Bitcom's step sequencer syncs to the host DAW. The sequence can be of arbitrary length from 1 to 16 steps, and the sequencer has internal swing.
Code Apr 14 2023
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Apr 14 2023
Wants a license code key, not free!!
rin_elyran May 28 2023
May 28 2023
The license code is there; it's just stored in an .RTF file included in the archive.
DrakuLaura Oct 01 2022
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Oct 01 2022
Low-quality sound engine and presets. And nearly lost my hearing, while testing because of acute sound upsurge in one of built-in presets ('Shredbitter', if my memory is right). Worst of bitcrushers, I have ever used!!!
unique Jun 01 2022
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Jun 01 2022
pretty unique.. didnt find something like this yet