by Arman Bohn
2.9 / 5     (13 votes)
SK-crooner is a vocal synth based on the 8-bit “human voice” patch from the Casio SK-1.
  • Two separate modes: Original (modeled after the Casio SK-1) and Tone held (for long notes)
  • ADSR Amplitude Envelope
  • Vibrato with Rate and Depth
  • Filter control with Frequency and Resonance
  • Sample Rate and Bit Depth Crush
  • Variable Portamento
  • Master Volume Level
  • Reverb with Size, Depth and Width Control
TommyFL Dec 22 2023
(5 / 5)
Dec 22 2023
The sounds remind me of a song called O Superman by Laurie Anderson, seriously, if you use this plugin and have never heard of the song look it up on YouTube, it's so cool!
John Burns Jul 31 2021
(4 / 5)
Jul 31 2021
One trick pony. I used this on one song. It's a nice sound. I had a female vocal choir sampler in one channel and SK crooner (playing the same notes) in the other channel. Sounded nice. Sits really nicely in a mix.
summerlaverdure Aug 12 2020
(5 / 5)
Aug 12 2020
I'm so glad I found this once again, I loved it so much, I used it in a few of my MAGIX songs
Ember May 29 2019
(4 / 5)
May 29 2019
I honestly love this synth's sound, all nasally and kinda trapped in its own warbly world. It's not super versatile but if you're looking for a lead to spice up an upbeat track I'd instantly go for this one.
nataleone Oct 01 2018
(4 / 5)
Oct 01 2018
Fine program !
Johan Brodd Feb 20 2015
(3 / 5)
Feb 20 2015
Let's be honnest here. This is an one trick pony. No more no less. This ain't a bad thing, but the interface must be reworked so it doesn't remind Casio's lawyers about their old synth. I saw a Juno106 imitation and a Korg MS20 imitation got removed from the Internet because of they used the similar fonts and looks as the original synth. Apart from this little complaint this is a great synth.
LBReality Jun 07 2009
(1 / 5)
Jun 07 2009
Needs some work...