by TheZhe
4.8 / 5     (5 votes)
Win64 OSX
TheExpressor is a colored upwards downwards expander / compressor.
  • Color. Increase/decrease slightly to soften the knee or boost/cut up to 24 dB for extreme emphasis.
  • Zero Delay and low distortion artifacts thanks to some clever detector anti-aliasing tricks.
  • Bounded. Output is never more than 6 dB louder than the input signal; minimum Makeup gain is -6 dB.

In addition, every TheZhe plugin includes optimized, built-in anti-aliasing and indicates modulation-friendly knobs with solid lines.

- 64-bit Windows/Mac (M1 Apple Silicon supported).
- VST3/AU compatible host.
- Sampling rates: 44.1 to 96kHz.
- System must support SSE3.
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Rick Nov 09 2022
Nov 09 2022
Hello! Downloaded the Mac OSX AU version but no AU, just component and VST3. Am I doing something wrong? Look forward to your reply! Cheers!
Andewprod Apr 06 2022
(5 / 5)
Apr 06 2022
Hello! Since I saw that the dev is responding to the comments I saw myself obligated to try it, at least to give some honest feedback. So that plugin kindof reminds me of Maximus (FL stock plugin) but with a different workflow. I really like the approach you take with the pre-threshold and the after-threshold shaping the response curve to your liking. Its kind of difficult to gain-stage, a simple inbuilt limiter (which could be turned on or off) or a clipper would help the workflow a lot (or automatic gain compensation). When it comes to the sound, I see that the plugin is made for "surgical" compression as I would call it, so I shouldnt expect a warm sound. You can get some nice pumping sounds out of it but its sadly not something I would use on a mix or a master. The problem for me is that the plugin is "experimental" in the sense that you get some pretty unusual controls but for me it doesnt sound too different to a standart digital compressor like the fruity limiter. Also, I probably wont use it because as I said, it reminds me a lot of Maximus and I already that one a lot so this would be kind of a experimental downgrade for me. Anyhow, I deeply appreciate your work and effort for that compressor, I really like the simple and comprehensive interface, which is a big + for me. Ill give it 5 stars because it is truly a unique compressor and poeple that dont have Maximus maybe will find some use in it! I encourage you to continue developing exiting plugins like these! Greetings, Andew :D
Zhe Apr 07 2022
Apr 07 2022
Thanks! I will keep that in mind for future updates and plugins.
eb23 Feb 26 2022
(5 / 5)
Feb 26 2022
Visual feedback cometh... (v1.1.0)
Zulu Feb 12 2022
(5 / 5)
Feb 12 2022
Works nice and clean, I don't like the GUI that much. The eye eats with you.
Zhe Feb 25 2022
Feb 25 2022
Thanks! Updated GUI on my Ko-fi, and soon on this site.
Bob Jul 01 2022
Jul 01 2022
..but nobody ears your screen. I love the simplistic GUI of Zhe
eb23 Feb 10 2022
(4 / 5)
Feb 10 2022
Nothing to express that Jon B didn't already, so I'll compress my review to "looks and sounds perfect". 5th star will shine if visual feedback comes. ;)
Zhe Feb 25 2022
Feb 25 2022
Check out the latest release. UI is much better now :)
Jon B Feb 10 2022
(5 / 5)
Feb 10 2022
Excellent upwards & downwards compressor/upwards & downwards expander plug-in! You can create some very interesting transfer functions with the dual threshold/ratio knobs, and the knee control that can be positive(!) even when you are only compressing. I don't think you can do the latter even with DMG Audio Compassion! It's safe to say that this is a 5/5 star plug-in, easily. Unlike the guy before me, I don't care if the UI is spartan. I rather like it! It could be useful to have a knee graph though, to easily see exactly what you are doing, and also have some sort of I/O meters. Maybe that's something that can be added in a paid-for sequel? I don't know how hard it would be to add negative ratio values, but that would make this plug-in even more overpowered. Excellent work anyways!
Zhe Feb 10 2022
Feb 10 2022
Thanks Jon! Also this one will always be free; I'll just add the new features via updates.
Me Feb 09 2022
Feb 09 2022
I do believe that the look of the user interface has an influence on the overall impression of a product. So come up with something.
Zhe Feb 10 2022
Feb 10 2022
It's in the works right now. Check back in a few days for the update.
You are a moron Feb 10 2022
Feb 10 2022
The user interface is great, reminds me of the simplicity of the xhip plugins.
Zhe Feb 10 2022
Feb 10 2022
Thanks! Glad to be compared to xhip :)
Anon Feb 10 2022
Feb 10 2022
Only an idiot bases his opinion of a plugin based on the GUI. Function is more important than form.
Me Feb 10 2022
Feb 10 2022
Years ago I was involved in the development of an effect device. The case color has been set to red. But each employee was given samples of different shades of red, and we had to vote on which red looked the best. The boss said it was very important.
Me Feb 27 2022
Feb 27 2022
Thank you very much for the new GUI!!!
TA-AT May 24 2022
May 24 2022
GUI has nothing to do with the quality of the product.... This product rocks