by slowslicing
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cyberia is a bitcrusher / filter VST3 plugin.

Leon Oct 23 2023
Oct 23 2023
For me it doesn't show up in Reaper... anyone know why that could be?
Yoshitsune Oct 10 2023
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Oct 10 2023
This is lain
MAK Feb 09 2022
Feb 09 2022
It cannot be verified because it is not an environment where VST3 can be used. You can write a comment if you also put out VST2.
MAK Feb 10 2022
Feb 10 2022
I forgot to use it with VSTHOST. It feels softer than the Bit Crusher I've used so far, and I think it's like Overdrive (?) Depending on the settings, and I think it's good to have a unique atmosphere. I would like VST2 as well.