DSPplug mark3
by DSPplug
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DSPplug mark3 is an analog signal modeller.

It is a Rescue Mark2 emulation with many extras built in. This includes a 3 band graphic EQ for mid and side as well as a dbfs and peak rms mastering solution.

You may also notice that the analog button reduces essing, as it uses a custom moog filter.
Request Jan 16 2023
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Jan 16 2023
Have you tried creating Apollo interface vst3 emulator?
Jon B Jan 23 2023
Jan 23 2023
You can't emulate a recording interface. If it's the UAD plug-ins you are talking about, then there are tons of great (and sometimes better) alternatives out there. UAD has made most of their plug-ins native now as well, so you don't need an Apollo interface to use them. Look up UAD Spark. If it's the preamps and converters you'd like emulations of, then you're probably out of luck. I'd suggest buying an Audient iD14 mkII if you want an interface that sounds pretty much as good as an Apollo, but at a much lower price point. MOTU M2 is also a great option. A used RME Babyface Pro could be an even better option, but a bit more expensive.
Walkalone Feb 28 2022
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Feb 28 2022
Bombe, Superb Sound quality, ...but no numeric values ​​input.
Steve B Feb 08 2022
(5 / 5)
Feb 08 2022
Works well ! with mids & eq & limiting! Not sure on the Depth! & the sides not wide enough for me.
Thanks for the kind words Feb 21 2022
Feb 21 2022
The 1.8 version is more tailored to mono, yet the new 1.9 version will do both - kingozrecords (dspplug). The depth has been given a far more delineated control 0 - 1 - 20 ms i.e: 0 - 0.5 - 1
Don Feb 08 2022
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Feb 08 2022
Pretty good! & Thanks for the 32bit.
Thanks for the kind words Feb 21 2022
Feb 21 2022
Any plug-in you wish for free merely use the contact form at dspplug.com and I'll try and get it made. Kingozrecords (dspplug)
DonnieDarkcore Feb 08 2022
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Feb 08 2022
This is actually really good. Thanks DSPplug. I've been using your 32bit LA School Bands Equalizer today and it did the trick within my workflow.
Thanks for the kind words Feb 21 2022
Feb 21 2022
Thankyou, in version 2 I will add an auto stage1 hp to the punch control should it be subtractive. This means that vocals will require less filtering.
chris Feb 23 2022
Feb 23 2022
Is this plugin a signal splitter?