Extended DSF Algorithms
by We Love Walter
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Extended DSF Algorithms is an open-source set of integrated algorithms by through the use of Discrete Summation Formulae.

This is achieved by finding the closed-form of harmonic summations with various augmentations to both amplitude and phase.

Through this concept it is possible to create many bandlimited waveforms directly or via compositing multiple Extended DSF algorithms that can start and end at arbitrary offsets to the fundamental. Autofiltered waveforms using exponential and linear functions and more complex waveforms and animatable effects such as those seen in major additive synthesis applications, with all the benefits of closed-form summations (Extended DSF).

The modulation knob works for the Autofilter waveforms and the Phase Rotation Saw, the remaining wave forms are not modulated. For the autofilter, it alters the waveform to act as if a filter were upon it, even though there is no filter. For the phase rotation saw, it simply rotates the phases of the saw to move between what used to be known as a musician's saw and an engineer's saw (the difference is the phases and thus the shape).

Important note : this is aimed to developers only for a proof of work demonstration, the plugin is not intented to be used in musical production.