by TheZhe
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Win64 OSX
TheSplit is a multimode audio splitter.

It splits a signal into two complementary outputs via four modes; Use each mode as its own effect or combine with other effects to mix the split outputs separately:

1.) C&S: "Center & Sides" mode uses a mid-side algorithm to split audio in the spatial domain.
2.) L&H: "Low & High"  mode uses a crossover to split audio in the frequency domain.
3.) A&S: "Attack & Sustain" mode uses a transient splitter to split audio in the time domain.
4.) L&S: "Loud & Soft" mode uses a gate to split audio in the amplitude domain.

This plugin includes optimized built-in anti-aliasing and indicates modulate-able knobs with solid lines.
  • 64-bit Windows or Mac system (M1 Apple Silicon supported).
  • VST3/AU compatible host.
  • Sampling rates: 44.1 to 96kHz.
  • Machine must support SSE3 (Macs must also support Metal).
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David Feb 17 2024
Feb 17 2024
Hi Zhe, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong but as soon as I place the plugin in a track it mutes it, no matter what mode is on or where the parameters are set... I'm using Studio One 6 on Windows
Andewprod Apr 06 2022
(5 / 5)
Apr 06 2022
This plugin seems to be very useful! In some ways you could do MS or frequency splitting but to have it all in one plugin is fantastic! Thanks so much! The sonic possibilities when used creatively are endless!
Zhe Apr 07 2022
Apr 07 2022
Thanks! Glad you like it - Zhe
Jon B Jan 31 2022
(4 / 5)
Jan 31 2022
Very useful tool to have if your DAW doesn't already have something like this. The only thing I can find that is a bit of a mark down is that you don't have any control over the length of the attack part in the A&S mode. From what I can see the attack is set to about 10ms. This is absolutely fine for most transient splitting processing though, so it's not that big of a deal. The sustain control goes from 30ms to 200, which is also fine. I didn't experiment too much with the L&S mode, but it seems like it does what it says. They say that all their plug-ins include anti-aliasing, and even though the A&S and L&S modes do cause a bit of aliasing, it's not nearly enough to be audible whatsoever. I would give it 5 stars if it included attack control for the A&S mode, but it's a great plug-in nonetheless. --(Extra tip for Reaper users: If you want a Wavesfactory Quantum effect for free, insert this plug-in in A&S mode on drum track, then insert a JS:Channel-Mapper Downmixer instance afterwards that sums the 1/2 and 3/4 channels back together. Now you can insert whatever plug-ins you want inbetween The Split and Channel-Mapper Downmixer to process the attack and sustain parts individually. To decide what part the plug-ins are processing, set the I/O pins of the plug-in to 1/2 for attack and 3/4 for sustain.)
Zhe Jan 31 2022
Jan 31 2022
Noted. You'll probably see an attack control in the next patch. -- Zhe. P.S. You're absolutely right; The inspiration was heavily based on giving $100+ dollar attack/sustain plugins a run for their money :)
Jon B Feb 01 2022
Feb 01 2022
Nice! I think you have accomplished that with a very neat and practical tool :) I really like the fact that there isn't a single sample of delay introduced. There is usually a need for lookahead to capture the first milliseconds of attack, but you seem to have figured out how to do it without the lookahead! I think that Quantum is the only other transient splitter that can do this right now. One question: is the sensitivity control basically a threshold control that's deciding at what level (dBFS?) the signal is split? If so, does "36dB" equal a threshold of -36dB?
Zhe Feb 02 2022
Feb 02 2022
Thanks! The reason TheSplit works so well is that it subtracts the sustain from the original signal to make the attack. The sensitivity simply boosts this subtraction to make the separation more noticable.
chris Feb 16 2022
Feb 16 2022
Is this plugin similar to eventide spliteq ?
Zhe Mar 03 2022
Mar 03 2022
Modeling the attack/sustain splitting of transient-based EQs is one use case of this plugin -- just connect the outputs to EQ plugins and you got yourself a splitEQ. If there's a demand for a free transient EQ, I might make a plugin that is optimized for this specific task.
Hz May 07 2022
May 07 2022
Is there any manual or tutorial to this plugin? As I don't understand what "spliting" suppose to do, it doesn't really split (remove or leave) one side of the spectrum or the amplitude as it says, so what gives?
Zhe May 09 2022
May 09 2022
The plugin has two stereo output busses; if you sum those busses together you get the signal at the input bus. So by definition, the input signal is split into two. As for tutorials, I choose to invest what time I have into development; I understand that may be frustrating for those who want some guidance, so I am trying to find a middle ground for that issue.