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Junglist is a subtractive and FM 2-oscillator synthesizer.

It comes with 32 preset waveforms, and some advanced voice effects, including a special bass filter, which makes it possible to create the huge, booming bass sounds you've heard from professional jungle and drum'n'bass producers.  
  • 2-Oscillator Subtractive Synth with ring-modulation.
  • Switchable to 2-Oscillator FM Mode.
  • 2-Mode (Lowpass/Highpass) resonant filter with ADSR control and stereo seperation.
  • Pitch-up/down envelopes.
  • ADSR Envelope.
  • Massive stereo chorus effect.
  • Choice of 32 preset waveforms per oscillator.
  • LFO with filter/oscillator routing options.
  • Glide control.
  • Unique bass filter with stereo spread.
  • Distortion effect.
  • Up to 8 notes polyphony.
  • Two unison modes.
  • Percussive envelopes mode for drum sounds.
  • On-screen keyboard and pitchwheel.
DrakuLaura Feb 15 2022
(5 / 5)
Feb 15 2022
Incredible freeware synth. Splendid set of presets. The synth will fit into any genre, not only d'n'b and jungle. Reminds of TAL-Elect7o, by the way, so if you like Junglist, then download freeware TAL-Elect7o too. FYI: "Junglist" had been created by Synapse Audio - the company-creator of famous Dune VST (but Dune synth is still commercial, not freeware!).