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Junglist is a subtractive and FM 2-oscillator synthesizer.

It comes with 32 preset waveforms, and some advanced voice effects, including a special bass filter, which makes it possible to create the huge, booming bass sounds you've heard from professional jungle and drum'n'bass producers.  
  • 2-Oscillator Subtractive Synth with ring-modulation.
  • Switchable to 2-Oscillator FM Mode.
  • 2-Mode (Lowpass/Highpass) resonant filter with ADSR control and stereo seperation.
  • Pitch-up/down envelopes.
  • ADSR Envelope.
  • Massive stereo chorus effect.
  • Choice of 32 preset waveforms per oscillator.
  • LFO with filter/oscillator routing options.
  • Glide control.
  • Unique bass filter with stereo spread.
  • Distortion effect.
  • Up to 8 notes polyphony.
  • Two unison modes.
  • Percussive envelopes mode for drum sounds.
  • On-screen keyboard and pitchwheel.
DrakuLaura Feb 15 2022
(5 / 5)
Feb 15 2022
Incredible freeware synth. Splendid set of presets. The synth will fit into any genre, not only d'n'b and jungle. Reminds of TAL-Elect7o, by the way, so if you like Junglist, then download freeware TAL-Elect7o too. FYI: "Junglist" had been created by Synapse Audio - the company-creator of famous Dune VST (but Dune synth is still commercial, not freeware!).
Bumblebee Aug 19 2023
Aug 19 2023
The only freeware version of DUNE is from Computer Music magazine.