by Liquidclear
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Rectiplyer is an octave distortion.

Rectiplyer was designed to create interesting distorted and fuzzy lead guitar sounds.  

The effect simultaneously transposes the optionally distorted input signal up 1 and 2 octaves, and down 1 and 2 octaves using rectifiers and a zero-crossing modulation technique.
Generally, the octave tones will sound not clean and smooth, but harsh and distorted, like a dirty fuzz box.  

The distorted/transposed signals can be blended together  as well as individually panned.
  • Power:  Turns Rectiplyer on and off (when off, thru signal is stereo).
  • Tone:  Adjusts cutoff of the 1p LP filter. Turn this to the left to reduce high frequencies and harshness.
  • Octave Levels/Pan:  Adjusts the level and stereo balance of each octave.
  • Drive Amount:  Adjusts the intensity of the distortion.
  • Drive:  Turns the distortion effect on and off.
  • Volume:  Main output level.