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SIM-KZ is a kazoo simulating effect plugin designed to be used with a microphone input to process your humming voice.

SIM-KZ is an audio effect plugin and only processes the sound on its input which would normally be from a microphone, but you could try other monophonic (single note, no chords) sources of course.

The left and right inputs are connected internally for monophonic processing. As your skill develops you will probably find that humming with mouth closed close to the microphone will give the best result.

Professional concert Kazooists often make a plosive sound to give a sharper, well defined start to a note, like “doo-doo-doo”.

Since this is a synthesiser, and not a sampler, there are controls for varying and adapting the timbre to your needs. The range of many controls extends beyond conventional.
basterfieldfan Dec 16 2022
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Dec 16 2022
I would love to a mac vst! lovely sound....