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SIM-DIDGE is designed to simulate sounds of the Australian aboriginal Yidaki, better known as a didgeridoo,  using synthesis methods only, along with optional vocal input.

The SIM-DIDGE aims to provide a subset of some typical sounds, but since the player relies so heavily on vocal techniques I provided a microphone “VOICE” input. This can add your vocalisations which can be lip-gated or direct into the tube for “beat boxing”. To synthesise all possible vocal sounds would be an immense task, calling for a voice synthesiser which would be immensely difficult to create and to program by the user. So I hope you find this more of a fun plugin which can create sounds suggestive of the instrument, rather than a full-fledged all-encompassing emulation.

Another element in traditional and modern Didge music is when the player taps a rhythm, usually on the tube using a piece of wood. The SIM-DIDGE provides for this TAP sound. The synth can generate a wide range of percussive sound ranging from a drum, through a tube strike to tap sticks.

Cokellin May 14 2023
(5 / 5)
May 14 2023
Lo uso en Cakewalk y es muy faicil de instalar y de usar. El sonido es muy real.
woodenleg22 Feb 05 2022
(5 / 5)
Feb 05 2022
How impressive is this? This isn't a simulation. It IS a didgeridoo! It may be the best Quilcom instrument yet. It isn't easy to program the complex playing techniques of an instrument like a didgeridoo AND to make them easily playable with a keyboard, but wow they've done it. Once you get the hang of this, it's surprisingly easy to play. The tone has excellent balance. Unlike some samples I've heard, it sits easier in a mix, although how you play it is important of course. If you want something that sits at the back, you don't want to play it too raspy. Thankfully you finally have the choice because unlike many samples where the raspyness is baked in, you can control the playing. This is probably the closest thing to a real didgeridoo. Phenomenal and unprecedented work Quilcom.
Frustrated Sep 28 2022
Sep 28 2022
How do you get this plugin to work with Audacity? It fails to load the library.
Russ Oct 13 2022
Oct 13 2022
To Frustrated: Audacity does not have VST hosting capability so will not import VST instruments nor affects. You can load this awesome instrument into say, Cantabile Lite (free) and then turn on Audacity's recording to capture the audio. Alternatively, you can switch from Audacity (great but limited free tool) a more powerful DAW that has VST hosting capabilities.
Berolinus Jan 23 2024
Jan 23 2024
Das ist das beste was ich jemals in der Netzwelt gefunden habe. Sei bedankt mein Freund.
Berolinus Jan 23 2024
Jan 23 2024
Mit dem MusikMaker ist das Aufnehmen kein Problem. :)