Titan limiter
by DSPplug
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Titan limiter.

It reduces distortion and it sounds good in a live or editing environment. It's designed with the engineer in mind, having well honed stable levels that you can quickly and deftly adjust by the relevant points to meet your mastering needs.
Pisces Jan 10 2022
Jan 10 2022
Great, thanks. But I can't use this on my 32bit system. I'm not sure why (perhaps somebody can tell me) but devs have stopped offering plugins in 32bit architecture. I haven't noticed any discernible sound difference between 32bit & 64bit software. Is there another reason? Great thanks for your work on this software.
Rudy Jan 18 2022
Jan 18 2022
You can't use this plugin in a 32bit DAW because it's ONLY a 64bit plugin only. If you wish to use this plugin use your 64bit version of your DAW. Although there is a way to use 32bit plugins on a 64bit by using Jbridge program.