Dizztroy 2
by Z3 Audiolabs
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Dizztroy 2 is a bitcrush / overdrive / distortion vst effect plugin which is made for soft and heavy audio distortion.

It is perfect to blow up your drumloops or leadsynths, making badass hardcore kicks, or completely destroy your signal to sound like a broken fm radio.

It contains a bitcrusher, samplerate reducer, 8 overdrive / distortion algorithms with a low- and highpass filter, a waveshape distortion with a peak filter, a filter with 5 different filtertypes and a global highpass filter to round up the perfect dizztroying machine.

Additionally it offers you an envelope follower and a very flexible multisegment envelope generator to modulate the different parameters. All FX can be placed on the preferred position in the signal chain easily via drag and drop.
One of the big deals what Dizztroy offers to you is that you can draw the waveshape of the distortion by yourself, with the smooth button you can round off your envelope step by step to shape the perfect distortion, after shaping you can save  the shape to one of the 4 snapshots or to your harddrive, if you destroyed the perfect waveshape by mistake just undo up to 10 steps.

The focus while developing Dizztroy was on drum distortion but nevertheless it is great for blowing up your leadsynths, guitars or for dirty and screaming voices, moreover it is not only made for sounddesigning in the studio, every parameter provides a MIDI learn function, just rightclick on a controller and move any fader, button or knob on your MIDI hardware controller and use it in your liveperformance to give it the power it needs.
  • Easy connect with your MIDI controller: All FX parameters have  build in a MIDI learn function  just right click on the parameter you want to set on your MIDI controller and move the controller of your choice – done!
  • FX Routing: Just drag and drop the FX to the position you want to have them – everything on the fly – no audio stop while rewiring!
  • Filter: Provides  5 different high quality filtertypes.
  • Crusher: Steplessly variable bitcrusher and samplerate reducer.
  • Overdrive: Choose from 8 different overdrive / distortion algorithms.
  • Distortion: a waveshape distortion which for you can draw your own waveshape – you can also save the actual wave to one of the 4 snapshots or to your harddrive –  the smooth button enables you to round off sharp edges of your envelope to shape the perfect distortion – if you fuck up your perfect shape by mistake you can use the undo button up to 10 steps back.
  • Highpass filter: on the first place of the signal chain there is a lowcut filter at 75Hz implemented which you can turn on when needed to avoid unwanted subbass grumbling – you can place the highpass filter pre or post FX.
  • Envelope follower: The overdrive and distortion FX`s are equipped with envelope followers where you can set attack, release, delay and amount to declare how the signal reacts with the FX.
  • Multi segment envelope generator: Gives you the possibility to create a unique, syncronised envelope to modulate any FX parameter. You can choose between 6 different ways of transition for each envelope segment, and save or load the envelope from / to your disk. Furthermore you can set the speed and the number of segments (steps) for the envelope.