by Z3 Audiolabs
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Bondage is a fully modular multi-effect VST plugin which contains 17 modules.

Beside the five effect modules it offers 5 modulation sources, a MIDI-in module, four modifiers, an X-fade module, a four-channel mixer and a scope to provide visual reference of your signals.

The fully modular structure allows you every possible routing you want to achieve. For complex routings Bondage allows you to hide all the cables so that you can see your knobs again.

Like all Z3 Audiolabs products every parameter provides a MIDI learn function, just rightclick on a controller and move any fader, button or knob on your MIDI hardware controller and use it in your liveperformance.

Bondage comes with 32 well selected presets.
  • Easy connect with your MIDI controller: All FX parameters have  build in a MIDI learn function – just right click on the parameter you want to set on your MIDI controller and move the controller of your choice – done!
  • Fully modular: Just connect  the sources with the targets  - everything on the fly – no audio stop while rewiring!
  • Filter: Provides  8 different high quality filtertypes.
  • Ring: 4 different waveforms to modulate the signal.
  • Phaser: 2 phaser modes.
  • Delay / Looper: the delay can be used as classical delay or as a looper.
  • Pitch: a granular pitch shifter which can be used for a variety of effects, not only pitch alterations.
  • Modulation: various modulation modules to modulate your effects, it also includes a MIDI module which allows you to control parameters via MIDI.
  • Modifiers: various modifier modules to modify any signals.
  • Scope: to have an optical reference of your signals.
ASE OBB Aug 11 2023
(5 / 5)
Aug 11 2023
SO NICE!!!! love it. If you want crazy things, that's for you.
Da Clone Apr 12 2023
(5 / 5)
Apr 12 2023
1- You don't have enough effects. 2- You download this VST. 3- You learn how to wire. 4- You feeling great and start to experimenting. 5- You never run out of effects again. Such a great Plugin! Everything you need in one machine. The possibilities are endless. 5* for sure!
Dumitru) Jan 31 2022
(5 / 5)
Jan 31 2022
A very useful plugin for creating landscapes. Also for partial blending to give character through gentle processing. But first you need to sit down and figure out how and what works) Great work.