by Ourafilmes
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Diabolique is a reel to reel tube tape machines simulator.

It emulates 2 vintage tube reel to reels: a Revox F36 from 1962 (circuitry 1) and a Tandberg Model 3 from 1958 (circuitry 2).

This plugin can be used to warm up your sounds, to simulate tape multi-tracking and/or to dirty up your sounds, it depends on the way it is used. The original template simulates the Revox and, by switching to Circuitry 2, you get the original Tandberg sound. Then you have all options open to change the sound: input/output levels, a very rare 15 ips feature was added (not present in the original Tandberg recorder), altering the tube saturation, changing the noise bias and level...

Apart from their differences, here the question is maintenance: while the Revox has been kept in immaculate condition (but retaining all good vintage components), the Tandberg has never seen any maintenance having all its original components (including a tube set of Telefunkens that are all testing as new).

It´s Lo-Fi if you want: you can change the frequency response to the vinyl era by abusing the "Vintage" knob.

Full automation and Midi Learn feature.
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Stephan Sep 27 2023
(5 / 5)
Sep 27 2023
Wonderful plugin. I use this one all of the time
Steve Aug 03 2022
(5 / 5)
Aug 03 2022
Had this tape plug in for a while -when it was only available on FB. It's a wonderful warm analoge tape emulation. Something you need and is hard to find in the digital realm. Though day by day it gets closer. Proofs in the pudding with this wonderful VST.
Female audio human Mar 25 2022
(5 / 5)
Mar 25 2022
Fantastic plugin! It can either be used in a subtle way to make things warmer or you can use it to crush the heck out of it, and the vintage knob in conjunction with the system noise really does add a lot of vibe to my tracks, interestingly do find switching circuitry gave me different sound as i toggle it back and fourth, and this plugin deserve to be in my 3rd place of my go to tape machine simulation, well for now. Looking forward for something similar to this one in the future (maybe a cassette deck/recorder emulation perhaps?)