by Blue Lab Audio
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Win32 Win64 OSX
StereoWidth is a stereo widening plugin.

It enlarges or narrows the stereo image of a stereo sound. The plugin provides several display modes to figure out the changes of the stereo image.

It also provides an option to get a stereo effect from a mono sound.
  • Widen or narrow the stereo field.
  • Convert mono sound to stereo (state of the art method, with no delay and no sound coloration)
  • Bass focus parameter, to increase the stereo widening while keeping the low frequencies mono.
  • Pan, out gain, and mono output parameters.
  • Five display modes (polar samples, Lissajous…)
  • Correlation meter, to check mono compatibility when increasing the stereo width.
Cakewalk Dude Dec 22 2022
(5 / 5)
Dec 22 2022
Works amazing!