by Blue Lab Audio
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Win32 Win64 OSX
Rebalance is a single track spectral demixer plugin.

It identifies vocal, bass, and drums in an already done musical mix, and makes possible to modify the gain of each of these parts from a single track.

It processes efficiently in the spectral domain in real-time, by using machine learning techniques.
Another Reviewer Jan 25 2023
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Jan 25 2023
It took up too much processing power, even as the only plug in on my pro tools session.
Dude Dec 21 2022
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Dec 21 2022
Won't work in Mac, logic pro does not recojnice it.
Another user Dec 08 2022
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Dec 08 2022
Not installing correctly with Logic Pro X.
random one Nov 22 2022
Nov 22 2022
Not working correctly.. why?