by Blue Lab Audio
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Precedence is a Haas effect processor.

Precedence effect (or Haas effect): “Reflections of a sound happening within 30ms are fused into it and ascribed to the same object”.

The Precedence plugin uses the precedence effect to add spatial information to a sound (location clue), and dubbing effect, by adding an adjustable delay to the left or the right channel.
Gwugluud 77 Feb 18 2024
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Feb 18 2024
This dev have it going on. This is great on vocals and guitar leady bits. This comment may be off-topic, lol, but I do songs on a hobbyist basis; I'm quite sure I know next to nothing about producing. I thought one was never supposed to "fill" the track from top/bottom as I observe this demo-er has done, but I hear no damage from it, lol. Not sure where I "learned" that; I'm going to rethink that one.
GEN Jan 11 2023
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Jan 11 2023
Lamentable lo de esta compañía, pero dejo tremendos plugins, suerte en sus próximos emprendimientos.