by Blue Lab Audio
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AutoGain is a gain rider plugin, it follows and adjusts the level of a track automatically.

It detects when a part of a track goes out too much either inside or outside the mix, and adjusts its level so that its position in the mix remains constant over the entire track.

The plugin has the particularity to work in the spectral domain. This is particularly useful when two signals have the same level in dB but a frequency range contained in only one of the two signals comes out.

The plugin provides a Dry/Wet parameter to adjust the amount of gain correction. It can be used to make the result more natural if we find that after processing the sound seems too homogeneous.

The plugin is well suited for a track containing singing voices. It renders the level more constant if the level has varied too much during the sound recording.
NAF Nov 14 2022
(2 / 5)
Nov 14 2022
Not for me. Crashes on Cakewalk and to be honest I don't like how it works, it ruins the color of the mix more than adjust the levels.