by Andrew Ovdiel
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OvDrum is a drum module for creating analog percussion with additive synthesis.

OvDrum is the result of many years of my development in the field of analog percussion and virtual percussion instruments. This VSTi synthesizer is capable of simulating (with certain electronic features of the sound of analog synthesizers, of course) almost any percussion or percussion instrument in the world. A simple but effective electronic circuit and controls contain all the basic blocks necessary for creating percussion and percussion sounds, allow you to simulate the sound of barrels, cymbals, claps and other instruments made of leather, metal and wood, which are often used by modern manufacturers of sound tracks.

2 identical oscillators with independent tuning (with waveforms in the form of a sine, saw, square, ramp, and white and pink noise), 2 filters (simulating the famous filters from Moog synthesizers), 3 envelopes for amplitude, filtering and tonality, and also only the most necessary controls. All this makes oVDrum a real generator of bass barrels and tomtom, snare drums and rim shots, hi-hats and cymbals, and even ... cow bells and claps. In oVDrum, it is possible to recreate some samples and patches of classic rhythm machines of the 80s and 90s, for example, Roland TR or Linn LM.

In addition to the controls, oVDrum has various level indicators, such as VU Meter, Oscilloscope, Freq Meter, and even ... lights that light up every time you press a key on a MIDI keyboard. Thanks to OvDrum, you can record compositions in the style of EuroDisco, EuroDance, Electro, Hip-Hop and even in experimental genres such as IDM or Glitch. I added 33 patches to this instrument with popular synth drum sounds: BD (Bass Drum), SD (Snare Drum), HC (Hand Clap), TT (TomTom), HH (Hi-Hat), CY (Cymbal), CB (Cow Bell). You can change them in a few mouse movements, if necessary. Perhaps more patches will be added in the future. MIDI Chanel: 10 (GM Standard Drums). Polyphony: 8 (monaural mode is initially turned on, but you can turn it off, this is very useful for a tomtom or cymbals with a long release).
mnrv-ovrf-year-c Sep 14 2022
Sep 14 2022
One of the first plug-ins I downloaded this year after a lengthy absence from Internet. It could load, that's a plus, but it's unwieldy. Learned how to set some parameters out of the XML preset format and from that, invented a "random preset generator" with Lua. Managed to render 100 sounds out of this plug-in in that way to import into OpenMPT or other music program. It's not easy to create convincing drums with primitive synthesis techniques, and some people are most interested in what's "vintage" or "heavy bottom" or "authentic". Must have some imagination while using this plug-in. LOL thank you to the author for offering the documentation in Russian although I could understand only a few words.
maia Jan 15 2022
(4 / 5)
Jan 15 2022
this seems a bit hard to use for drums, but i'm getting a lot of cool fx and laser sounds out of this.
Le Viech Dec 07 2021
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Dec 07 2021
It is a pity that such a great plugin has a GUI that looks worse as a roadkill. Developers with absolutely no sense for design should outsource the graphics.