MM SY 60 Phasedistortar
by Maschinenmusik
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MM SY 60 Phasedistortar is a monophonic sequenced synthesizer.

3 oscillators with selectable waveforms and morphable variations ( x/y control )and phase distortion, 1 filters with morphing capabilities, warping, distortion and autopan.

4 syncable stepsequencers with slew and velocity control are used to modulate amp, filter, pitch of the osc2 and warp.

The sound of this synth is determined by the 4 sequencers and 4 x/y controls, which can drastically alter the sound of the oscillators. As all sequencers sync to host, the MM SY 60 Phasedistortar is best suited for rhythmic drones, moving pads and machine noises of all kinds.

As the sequencers are all independent from each other, polyrhythmic sounds and technoid loops can be build very easy.
mnrv-ovrf-year-c Jul 17 2022
Jul 17 2022
Meh didn't want to be the first one after such a long time. This does a limited job but does it well! I keep going back to it because I've become too lame to do my own musical sequences. It's tricky but could also do odd-time-sigs like 11/16. (No I haven't actually done a song with this instrument like that LOL.) It's worth to laboriously move a bit some of the sequence sliders to get variations, then render to wave. It could work with MIDI velocity.