Uno FM
by Xsynth
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Uno FM is based on FM synthesis but have a layout similar to old analog models.

Uno FM is no way trying to recreate the classics like DX7 and the likes but to find a little corner of its own with its limited sound capability.
  • 8 Note Polyphonic.
  • 128 Presets.
  • 5 Oscillators: 1 Sine (Carrier). 3 Sine (FM Modulation). 1 Ring Modulation (Various waveforms). OSC Modulation Amount. OSC Tuning, Fine & Vol with readouts. Ring Modulation Amount. OSC MIX (Normal-Ring). Sync On/Off.
  • 1 LFO: Speed. Aftertouch. Wheel. VCO.
  • 2 ADSR: FM Modulation. VCA. Level out with VU Meter Key Tracking (Fixed). High Pass Filter.
  • Effect: Stereo Chorus engine with small delay (0-200 ms). Modulation Depth. Modulation Speed.
  • Arpeggio: (lots of features).
  • Velocity: (Variable).
  • Bend Range 1-12.
  • Portamento (Variable).
  • Mono (On/Off).
  • Retrigger (On/Off).
  • Transpose +/- 5 Octaves.
  • MIDI Receive Channel.
  • 128 Patches.
Mike Jan 13 2023
(2 / 5)
Jan 13 2023
So basically this contains 4 operators: one carrier, three modulators. All 3 modulators share an envelope, and they all modulate the carrier directly. But you can alter the volume and pitch of each modulator. It's not a great design, and it doesn't sound too good either - Yamaha FM sounds quite different.
Jon Jan 24 2024
Jan 24 2024
I would say it's more akin to 2 operators. The Carrier just has one sine wave generator, and the Modulator has 3 sine wave generators. Also, this is 'real' FM, not Yamaha FM which is actually phase modulation. It lacks ratios for pitch. Otherwise I agree! That GUI is ew.
Loopita Sampling Apr 29 2022
(5 / 5)
Apr 29 2022
Wow!!...He did it again!!.....It's not a real DX7 but sound alike....It's capabilities are limited, yes, sure, but it's so, so useful....Michael Kastrup made the synth in 2004. I don't mind!!!....Sounds beautiful and dot!!!!