by Arman Bohn
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SKdrummer, Casio SK-1 emulation.

This VSTi instrument is based on individual samples of the lo-fi, 8-bit drum sounds from the infamous Casio SK-1 keyboard. The instrument has: Kick, Snare 1, Snare 2, Open Hat, Closed Hat, Tom 1, Tom 2, and Tom 3.
Each drum has its own pitch and volume control.
Anonymous Jul 24 2015
Jul 24 2015
Does this have the "lion" sound featured at the very last 30 seconds of the classic house track "The Poke by ADONIS" ? I miss my sk-1 I use to make breakbeat loops on it!
The Even Mightier Pickle Dec 11 2012
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Dec 11 2012
Hmm it's like 5 sounds, maybe that's all you had in the original but it doesn't make for much of a VST. I could have done more with 5 samples. You can't even do anything with them except turn them down.
The Mighty Pickle Jun 01 2009
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Jun 01 2009
I remember they used to have commercials for the SK-1. It let you record a sound for a second or two and play it back through the keyboard.
Adrian Sept 18 2014
Sept 18 2014
I recorded my brother saying the 'f' word in mine and played it back for my mom. He got in trouble. Priceless!