by Denis Eismann
3.9 / 5     (62 votes)
SuperDrumFX, Drum sampler with advanced possibilities.

You can make your own sample based drum sets and play it by e-drum or DAW. The main goal of SDFX is to sound like a real acoustic drum set. This goal is reached through the use of sound shaping techniques on a 13 Mb sample set.

  • 13 Mb drum sample library
  • Dynamic interval control (DIVC) on snare and toms
  • Interval control (IVC) on kick, hihat and cymbals
  • Snare position control for Roland VDrums TD12/TD20
  • Note mapping is pre configured to Roland VDrums
  • Easy change note mapping to support other e-drum modules
  • No "machine gun effect"
  • Mixer with equalizers
  • Effect processor with 4 simultaneously usable FX

Important : be sure to set up the correct library folder path in "system" from the drop list. Default is C:\SDFX\

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bodshib May 17 2024
(1 / 5)
May 17 2024
Couldn't get it to work, thanks for the free samples I guess.
Spookye May 07 2022
(5 / 5)
May 07 2022
An extraordinary drum. With excellent and realistic sounds. Great Denis ... ;)
absolutefunnyman Apr 17 2021
(5 / 5)
Apr 17 2021
This thing is terrifying! Behind its synthedit GUI that's easy to underestimate, lies a real sound design machine, for making amazingly real drumkits out of any samples you want. This is more than what I ever wanted to find in a freebie, you won't regret this one.
Steve Dec 27 2019
(3 / 5)
Dec 27 2019
This is ok. Bit buggy. You can only load 3 drum samples/ velocity layers.Reasonable results with all the wav drum kits online for download.
TA-AT Nov 23 2019
(5 / 5)
Nov 23 2019
Great. Free, fun, and fantastic. THANKS!
Карабас Nov 09 2019
(1 / 5)
Nov 09 2019
Хрень полнейшая!!!
bolgwrad Jan 31 2018
(0 / 5)
Jan 31 2018
Works on Reaper 5.7, quick and dirty stereo/mono or compile your own multitchanel kits (or mix them up, or even use as a rompler). Plenty of tweaks available, very convincing without much messing about, what's not to like?
Anonymous Sept 30 2016
Sept 30 2016
Perfeito... Muito bom mesmo!!!
taxed to death Apr 15 2016
Apr 15 2016
The biggest advantage with this is you can customize your set. If you use one of the other drum sets/sound fonts, everyone knows what you used because they aren't unqiue. But this you can mix and match or even upload your own samples so you always have a unque drum set. Sounds great, but kinda glitchy.
HappyKafkaCrisis May 23 2015
(5 / 5)
May 23 2015
Unstable with Win7 32bit, CubaseElements 7 32bit. It sounds good, but then the crashes keep coming.
Filippo Sept 08 2014
Sept 08 2014
Hello, I'm using FL Studio 10 and have Win 64. I've downloaded the plugin, copied the dll file to the VST folder and put the SDFX folder in C. Now, my problem: adding SuperDrum FX to the pattern window in FL Studio, I can hear the sounds from the interface window when I open it, and so far it works. But trying to fill the pattern window with some beat, or the piano roll with notes, nothing happens. Can you help me? Is it because of my 64 bit version?
dude Aug 05 2014
Aug 05 2014
This is the best freebie for playing acoustic drum samples, because you can set several levels based on the input velocity. Each kit you assemble takes time, but once assembled you can use it quickly. I like to put tambourine samples in the snare carpet hits so that a tambourine hits each time the snare does. Sounds like ZZ top.
cyber goth freak Jul 16 2013
Jul 16 2013
Does not work with reaper but I'm using the samples though.
Balaclava Jul 15 2013
(3 / 5)
Jul 15 2013
I've tried it as a plugin with FLStudio but it doesn't make a sound; the only way through with FL is to use the samples I think, which is great to say the least; tis' a pity I'm not able to use the plugin though, it seems pretty cool, but thanks anyway, cause it's got quite a few samples I needed for my sample collection.
Anonymous Jul 12 2013
(3 / 5)
Jul 12 2013
Just tried it out last night and it works great!! Really surprised about the sound. It has great features in it also. It is free but works well and VERY usable! Thank you so much from us poor folks. I just love the internet :-) Danny
jo jo May 28 2013
May 28 2013
It's really really Gr8 ... I'm using it in Studio One 2...
Ghekorg7 Dec 16 2012
(3 / 5)
Dec 16 2012
I have it for 3 years now and although has great samples it's a PITA to work with it, as other friends described here. Atractive GUI but cannot work with it. Needs better computing on loading ect. I'm using its samples with Shortcircuit 1 sampler and got some killer kits :-)
Ferraufe Jul 23 2012
(5 / 5)
Jul 23 2012
Muy bueno! Al fin un plugin en donde los samples no suenen como "ametralladora" !! y es freeeee!!!
Zufo Jun 03 2012
(5 / 5)
Jun 03 2012
Sounds really great. Althouhg the interface makes working with it a bit obscure, it's free!
Anonymous Mar 01 2012
Mar 01 2012
Great sound of this VST...I'm using this program in my second record as solo artist uncluding new kits (wav files) into it and sounds like Mike Portnoy's drum kits...AWESOME!!!
maa Jan 25 2010
(4 / 5)
Jan 25 2010
This thing is brilliant - sounds are great. Trouble with it is the way it installs - or doesn't! Even after you discover that it needs a path typing manually for the samples it doesn't work without a backslash. Once the path does work its only good for one kit - no 'to all' button so you have to repeat the step for each kit which is time consuming as the plug goes into overload for ten or more seconds each time you add the path. Still - once you've passed the test, you have an excellent tool thats hard to beat!! Dec 08 2009
(4 / 5)
Dec 08 2009
For the Fl studio users, if the plugin doesnt work, in the pack are the samples also as .wav files, that would be even better!
Mr.L Sept 11 2009
(5 / 5)
Sept 11 2009
It sounds perfect. Making it free almost feels like a crime.
simon May 28 2009
(5 / 5)
May 28 2009
Great!!! Now i can realy work thanks:)
Lemmon May 15 2009
(5 / 5)
May 15 2009
This is great! As I want to use mostly free plugins and instruments, I have already found THE DRUMS!!!