Electric Piano
by audiolatry
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Win64 OSX
Electric Piano is a ROMpler based on 2 sampled electric pianos.

The plugin has two selectable presets (instruments) with two velocity layers each. The samples were recorded in 24-bit 48KHz WAV.

From left to right there’s the attack/release section, a tremolo module with selectable speed, intensity and type, pan, lowpass/highpass filter with cutoff, reverb module, and global gain.

Electric Piano is suitable for a wide range of Urban styles such as Hip Hop, Pop, Chillout, Lo-Fi, Jazz, etc.
  • 2 sampled classic electric pianos.
  • 2 velocity layers.
  • 48kHz 24bit audio quality.
  • 338 MB size on disk.
  • LFO (pitch, expression, or pan destination) with rate & depth.
  • Filter cutoff (lowpass & highpass).
  • Reverb module.
  • Global volume & pan.
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