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G-AMP-R is a guitar amplifier plugin.
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Mark Lee Wilkins Oct 11 2021
(2 / 5)
Oct 11 2021
Not sure why My G Amp R has no GUI, the G Amp does but not the G Amp R
Faydit Oct 05 2021
(5 / 5)
Oct 05 2021
Sounds very good to me, very natural tones without any digital harshness. Nice American voicing, the tones positively remind me of a good vintage Champ, Princeton or Deluxe (Reverb). The mixing/blending option between Clean and Drive is an advantage, tone controls work well, reverb also works fine. Dynamic reaction to attack could have been a little bit better for my taste, on the other hand there also are a lot of commercial simulations with comparable voicings existing, which I did not find as convincingly sounding.
Hank Oct 04 2021
(3 / 5)
Oct 04 2021
I'm with freddy!
SCA Chris Oct 04 2021
Oct 04 2021
I'm the developer of these plugins. I'm working alone to bring free stuff for people to use and hardly ever get direct feedback via my email or website. I know Freddy has since messaged me and I replied as quickly as I usually do. Most of my plugins are requests from regular users and most want 64bit VST3. If people contact me and communicate their ideas, I may find the time to stay up a few nights and work on a VST2 or .dll for certain plugins if there is enough demand. Chris
DonnieDarkcore Oct 05 2021
Oct 05 2021
It's a shame but your older instrument plugins are awesome. Thanks for all your work Chris. You're a hero in my book.
freddy Oct 04 2021
Oct 04 2021
Always appreciate a freebie, but it's a real shame there's no 32bit, or even a 64bit, vst 2.4 version, and then an exe instead of a dll file?
Matt Oct 05 2021
Oct 05 2021
A *.dll is just as executable as an *.exe, so if it's viruses you're worried about, then avoiding *.exes in favour of *.dlls won't help you... Unless you have reason to distrust the developer: but why would you?