by Dodo Bird
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Win64 OSX
Dodo MIDI is a voice to MIDI plugin, it detects the incoming audio, which can be voice or musical instruments, and controls the pitch and volume of any synthesizer or sampler you connect to it.

What sets it apart from all the other audio to MIDI software packages available, is that it really works incredibly well and is extremely useful as a live musical instrument!

For the first time, you can play (almost) any synthesizer or sampler just by using your voice, with imperceptible latency, and exceedingly accurate control over legato, slides and articulation.

Dodo MIDI isn’t a gimmick or toy Audio to MIDI software, it is a state of the art MIDI controller designed from the bottom up to be used by professional musicians in live performances, music producers and sound designers looking to expand their arsenal of creative tools.

Cubase users: Currently Dodo MIDI does not control the synth’s volume when run in Cubase. Please try a different DAW such as Reaper for your experimentation with Dodo MIDI.
Florian Mrugalla Oct 06 2021
(3 / 5)
Oct 06 2021
Very creative plugin. Enables an interesting workflow and can be fun sometimes, but I also have to say the pitch detection can be all over the place, even with the right pitchbend settings. No one has ever made a plugin like this that worked better though. It is just an unsolved problem to this day, so it's not the developer's fault.
jared Oct 26 2021
Oct 26 2021
The instructions I read said the pitch semitones has to be set to 24 to keep it more accurate. A shame you can't control the volume in ableton, just pitch. Still I want this for dexed and other synths with my guitar
Don Oct 04 2021
(3 / 5)
Oct 04 2021
Tryed this with a few synths & the pitch is all over the place! Just use melodyne!
Nagalot Oct 03 2021
(5 / 5)
Oct 03 2021
Saw this one's review on , Gotta say I fall in love with this plugin. :)
Milton Sica Oct 02 2021
Oct 02 2021
It still doesn't work for the DAW I use (Cakewalk). I made contact with the developer who showed availability to improve the plugin. I'm waiting for the version that is usable on Cakewalk. I make this comment to warn users of the same DAW about this problem and also suggest this site to put information brought by developers to alert that DAWs is implemented / functional plugin.
Faydit Oct 02 2021
Oct 02 2021
I only know how it works eg. in Reaper: You need two tracks, first an audio track with the plugin, second one with a virtual instrument. The first track receives the audio signal and converts it, which you then have to rout to the second track, so that the converted signal can trigger the virtual instrument. Placing both plugins into a single track does not work. Maybe this helps.
Milton Sica Oct 05 2021
Oct 05 2021
Thanks for trying to help, but on Cakewalk it doesn't work.
68Gibby Feb 01 2022
Feb 01 2022
Routed that way in Reaper works Great .This plugin is far out! A lil more featured out and I would pay for a plugin this unique!
Faydit Oct 01 2021
(5 / 5)
Oct 01 2021
Tried it with electric guitar as audio source. Works really good. A very usable tool. It only seems to work monophonic, but this it does very well. A commercial polyphonic version, maybe also with an adjustable pitch-bend-range would be very interesting for me. But triggering my synthesizer plugins or a drum set with my guitar even monophonic is a lot of fun. Thank you very much! Great work!