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EP-78 is an electric piano.

It was designed to create a vintage electric piano feel. It uses subtle tonal changes that are influenced by velocity. This is not a Rompler or Sample based instrument. It uses various tuned frequencies to achieve its tonal quality. These can be varied using the Timbre control.

The effect of pickup phase is influenced by the Phase control. The Envelope is designed to respond as it would on an Electric Piano and is changed using the Decay control. There is a Treble and Bass control to alter the overall tone of the instrument. The Vibrato section is a simple design and is included an emphasis switch to change the sound of the Vibrato. Emphasis is somewhere between a Phaser and a Chorus and adds a bit more interest to the sound.
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Charly Dec 20 2021
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Dec 20 2021
I respect the effort invested, and there are some good aspects such as EQ, velocity response and 64-bit available. I don't like this piano tone, it sounds a bit boring to my ears. But maybe it's good for very purist users, not for my taste. I don't like the fact that the decay is linked to the release, which makes the plugin impractical for piano playing, as the chords get blended with each other, and at decay adjusting to fix it the sustain is cut off. Thanks for set it free.
Phil Oct 12 2021
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Oct 12 2021
Mono (probably like the original), I can see that a lot of thought and effort has gone into this (just not the sound I was looking for)
Erisian Sep 22 2021
(5 / 5)
Sep 22 2021
I really like the sound of this. Considering there are no samples, Samsara have done a great job and I'll certainly be using it in my work.