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SC-3 is a clavinet influenced instrument.

Keys Section: Phase simulates Pickup mixing. Octave can be used to switch between 3 octaves. +Keys introduces a 1 octave higher instrument (this is a subtle effect).

Timbre Section: Tone is used to control the frequency brightness. Timbre Velocity is used to add a level of attack brightness. Experiment between these two controls to introduce various shapes, especially for Twang effect.

Tone Section: Simple cut and boost for overall tone of the instrument.

Shape Section: These controls are used to create various feel to the playing and adjust the envelope of the instrument. The effect of these controls work closely with the Timbre Section.

Amplifier Section: These controls influence the final output of the instrument.
Velocity sensitivity can be increased from less active to more. The distortion control provides a natural saturation to the output.

Mute: This slider simulates a dampen effect on strings.
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Stoby Joe Jan 25 2024
(5 / 5)
Jan 25 2024
Stevie Wonder to Rick Wakeman to Lachy Doley. This plug in KILLS !!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_6gk8ldwM8 ... Check the clav solo at 3 minutes
BipTunia Sep 14 2021
Sep 14 2021
Couldn't even try it. Here's a tip from another VST dev: Don't use an installer. Just give us the files. Or have that as an option. Or at LEAST allow us to pick the install folder. Wherever this put the files, isn't somewhere I have Reaper set up to check. Not even on the same drive, I'm sure. If you fix this issue, I'll try it and give a full review. I've been looking for a clav. Thank you.
Erisian Sep 14 2021
Sep 14 2021
I had no trouble at all. Did you read the read me file? It installs to your default vst3 folder in program files/common files/vst3. You can put the presets wherever you like.
John J Sep 14 2021
Sep 14 2021
Works perfect for me too. Using latest version of Reaper 64bit and this plugin is fantastic. I've been looking for a Clavinet for ages and this is sounds amazing and it's FREE. Did you know that you can add a new path to VST folders in Reapers preferences under VST? The plugin installed to the default VST folder and worked straight away for my other hosts too.
Purple Six Beats Sep 18 2021
Sep 18 2021
Works great without any issues for Me in FL Studio. I mostly like the soft clarity of sound of higher notes and many options to modify the sound considering it a free plugin. Will Keep it. I made a video like always: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=840Yh9iPjew
Antoine Nov 10 2021
Nov 10 2021
Either way should always be a dll.file