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LibreArp is a pattern-based arpeggio generator plugin.

It is a MIDI effect (currently supporting any VST3 host on Windows, Mac, and Linux) that takes chords in the form of MIDI input and outputs so-called arpeggios based on the input chords.

Arpeggios are generated using a user-created pattern, which is very very similar in nature to a MIDI pattern in your favourite DAW.
V 2.2
Opm Aug 03 2023
Aug 03 2023
So we input the chords into our daw then apply the vst?
jazz37 Sep 18 2021
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Sep 18 2021
italian Sep 17 2021
Sep 17 2021
I can't move it with a usb key from my linux notebook to my windows 10 pc. It gives me error 0x80004005: unspecified error. Can you help me ? ?
italian Sep 17 2021
Sep 17 2021
Ok solved. Very nice and simple to use.
Marcelo G Sep 16 2021
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Sep 16 2021
Wonderful vst, A great complement to any DAW.