Scandiclavia 2
by Fanan Team
4.0 / 5     (4 votes)
Win32 Win64
Scandiclavia 2 is a bigger and richer successor to the first Scandiclavia virtual analog nordish organ model.

It yet works as an open mixer format like the previous, but now with 7 waveforms per channel, enhanced sound path and some more new exciting features.

The main sound engine uses the same 32-bit top quality oscillators as the previous, with the highest possible dynamic range and 7 waveforms per oscillator. The waveforms emulate the great Nord organs of all times and can be mixed together and create a vast of sound colors, textures and articulations. Scandiclavia oscillators also include gleam effect, a user friendly global hipass-lopass filters per oscillator, a rotary speaker emulation, drawbars, hammer generator (click) and a rich effects rack.

ScandiClavia got an exclusive hammer manager which manages the percussive effect of the organ's hammer. You can choose from 7 types from dull to noisy and determine every little nuance of the hammer.

Scandiclavia also offers a full section of built in effects (a new cabinet effect with 4 different cabinets emulation, chorus, phaser, wha-wha, reverb and delay).
Nuallan Dec 01 2023
(1 / 5)
Dec 01 2023
I really would love this one, but it makes a lot of loud popping or clicking noises with each key press. It makes the VST virtually unusable.
Shaw Feb 05 2024
Feb 05 2024
That could be your latency, possibly. Try to adjust what your latency can handle.
LUNA Mar 08 2024
Mar 08 2024
Plugin has a Click module on the right side, just turn the gain all the way down
metsan Aug 22 2021
Aug 22 2021
I'm new in vst world so sorry for dumb question but, how does installation works? I read the "how to install" note but I can't find any exe file..
Gwugluud Barcher Aug 26 2021
Aug 26 2021
Non-exe files can normally just be assigned to your plugin folder(s), and I use free NHS Express Zip, which pops up during the process, then you click the box at the bottom, and 90% of the time, the plugin will be in my Reaper next time I call it up. Any question one finds necessary to ask in order to use something, proves that the question isn't stupid.
PSY-LION Aug 12 2021
(5 / 5)
Aug 12 2021
Great organ sounds! Love the presets! Very great and intuitive interface!
Writheuk Aug 10 2021
(5 / 5)
Aug 10 2021
I mean, what can you say... Absolutely brilliant!
sOUTH&LOUd Aug 10 2021
(5 / 5)
Aug 10 2021
Unbeatable sound. The sound combinations get glued flawlessly and the new cabinet effect is epic! The only drawback I found is the slightly unwieldy GUI, but it's Fanan team, so...