Wave folder
by Martinheterjag
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Wave folder is a waveshaping distortion.

It is inspired by west coast modular synths like Buchla and Serge, where you instead of starting with a harsh waveform (Eg. square or saw) and filter it like on a subtractive synth, you instead start with a sine wave or triangle and distort it to get a harsher sound.

This VST3 is folding a waveform in similar ways as serge or buchla modules but is not supposed to emulate them.

The wave folder VST3 will sound harsh and digital and can be used on smoother sounds to add texture or be used on more complex sound sources and open the gates to the realms of heavy distortion and weird noise.
Jacob Aug 08 2021
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Aug 08 2021
It's your bog standard wave folding distortion, but the CPU usage is far too high for something so simple and done to death. Adds 15% to the CPU load, it's absurd.
Martin Aug 09 2021
Aug 09 2021
Could you please state your rig specs? The OS, Processor, RAM, and DAW primarily. That way one can truly judge whether it's a computing resource hog
Jacob Sep 16 2021
Sep 16 2021
I'd still expect it to perform similarly to other waveshapers for what it does though, it being a resource hog was more relative to other things of its class that barely shift the CPU load meter in FL Studio. AMD Ryzen 5 2500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx Base speed: 2.00 GHz. Speed: 2.35 GHz. Sockets: 1. Cores: 4. Logical processors: 8. Virtualization: Enabled.