by Fugue State Audio
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FourHead is an experimental granulator effect, despite not really being a delay or a granulator, though it lives in that realm.

It is based on an audio buffer which constantly records the input in chunks. This buffer is then read by four "play heads" which play it back as looped segments.

The length of the chunk to be played back is set independently from the length of the recorded buffer, and the pitch and start offset for each "head" can be modulated (the playback on 3 of the 4 heads can also be delayed), creating odd retriggering arpeggiations and granular-style swarms of sound.

The output can also be fed back to the record buffer for endless noisy fun.
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Ring System Jul 16 2022
(2 / 5)
Jul 16 2022
Interface does not update after changes are made, neccesitating a relaunch to view your changes. Ruins what's a fun plugin.