by Mod Sound
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Win64 OSX
More is a one-knob distortion plugin with too many knobs.

More is a collection of wave digital filter-modeled distortion circuits, taken from the world of guitar, but modified for general use. Various tube amplifier gain stages are included, as well as a transistor fuzz pedal and a diode distortion circuit.

Just turn the big knob to get more.
  • 5 distortion circuit modes.
  • Automatically gain-compensated distortion knob.
  • Adjustable lowpass and highpass filtering before and after distortion processing.
  • Dry/wet and level controls to keep things reasonable.
  • Electrifying audio visualizer.
Faydit Jul 23 2021
(2 / 5)
Jul 23 2021
Promises more that it can keep. The names of the different voicings rather seem to be fantasy names, without any connection to reality. In reality I'd prefer the tube clipping circuits, and would not even use the transistor fuzz circuit. Here the tube circuits sound disappointing, I cannot hear any tube typical character. A typical diode clipping has a very hard knee, which I here also did not notice, while the transistor fuzz circuit here seems to produce the most naturally sounding results, but no typical transistor fuzz, which is the complete opposite of the behavior of real transistors. All 5 voicings sound in the same way too synthetic, digital, inharmonious, harsh and inorganic to me. Could have been a good idea, but unfortunately the realization is a fail. At least for me.
User61 Jul 22 2021
(4 / 5)
Jul 22 2021
Sound good when mixed parallel. Some spikes while clicking on the presets. A bug that hopefully gets fixed.