by Mark Mrakovcic
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Win32 Win64
Svarog is a cinematic scrap metal percussion instrument.

Features a built-in sequencer to create instant rhythms.
AlienXXX Jul 22 2021
Jul 22 2021
Can't get this plugin to find its samples. I follow the instructions, even get a message on screen saying the samples wee installed sucessfully, but then does not work. Shame. Video demo looks good.
bv Jul 23 2021
Jul 23 2021
Installation: 1- Extract all files to the VST plugins folder of your DAW. 2- Initiate the vst instrument inside your DAW. 3- Choose - Install Samples. 4- Select the .hr1 file that came with the downloaded archive and select the location where you want the samples to be installed. 5- the first time you install the samples you will have to open another instance of the vst instrument for it to work properly. 6- If reinstalling, make sure to delete ALL the previous plugin data, incuding the program app data.
AlienXXX Jul 25 2021
Jul 25 2021
Hello. I followed the instructions which came with the plugin. Tried several times. It says it installed the samples successfully, but still no sound. I am using Reaper. Will try it on a different DAW.
mm Jul 26 2021
Jul 26 2021
When you install the samples you have to close that instance of the plugin and open it again! try if it works