by Mark Mrakovcic
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Svarog is a cinematic scrap metal percussion instrument.

Features a built-in sequencer to create instant rhythms.
awesomesauce Jul 14 2023
(5 / 5)
Jul 14 2023
This plugin is GREAT, I LOVE YOU
Dumitru) Sep 17 2021
(5 / 5)
Sep 17 2021
Well, many samplers are much more complex ... This is a great tool for adding grooves and emphasizing the rhythm of sections. There are no problems with specifying the folder with the files) The only inconvenience is switching between presets, but this does not lower my rating ...
Rastyslav Yarylo Aug 01 2021
(2 / 5)
Aug 01 2021
Ne valja ti VST ništa. Instaliraj program, instaliraj zvukove, onda to nije dovoljno pa sad otvori drugi put da govno proradi. Šteta jer htio sam skladati glazbu baš tim instrumentom. Pojednostavi instalaciju, skrati postupak, poštedi nas otvaranja i sranja, neka bude sve automatski instalirano i sve je u redu, nisu svi vješti kao ti, brate. Ovako si uzalud programirao. Slava rodu!
mm Aug 01 2021
Aug 01 2021
pozdrav! znam da je instalacija nepotrebno komplicirana, taj dio je defaultno odredjen programom u kojem je napravljen vst, probat cu promijeniti to u sljedecim verzijama...zasad je ovako, lp! :)
AlienXXX Jul 22 2021
Jul 22 2021
Can't get this plugin to find its samples. I follow the instructions, even get a message on screen saying the samples wee installed sucessfully, but then does not work. Shame. Video demo looks good.
bv Jul 23 2021
Jul 23 2021
Installation: 1- Extract all files to the VST plugins folder of your DAW. 2- Initiate the vst instrument inside your DAW. 3- Choose - Install Samples. 4- Select the .hr1 file that came with the downloaded archive and select the location where you want the samples to be installed. 5- the first time you install the samples you will have to open another instance of the vst instrument for it to work properly. 6- If reinstalling, make sure to delete ALL the previous plugin data, incuding the program app data.
AlienXXX Jul 25 2021
Jul 25 2021
Hello. I followed the instructions which came with the plugin. Tried several times. It says it installed the samples successfully, but still no sound. I am using Reaper. Will try it on a different DAW.
mm Jul 26 2021
Jul 26 2021
When you install the samples you have to close that instance of the plugin and open it again! try if it works
Otter Dec 04 2021
Dec 04 2021
I've had the same experience. I've checked the sample folder and it is all there. Using Reaper too. So maybe that is the common factor here?
Mono Jan 14 2022
Jan 14 2022
Hey Guys ive tryied this but instead of clicking install the samples e clicked find the samples, and now it just says like: the sample svarog_lowtom.ch1 wasn't found.. and i cant make it work , anyone can help me?
mm Jan 27 2022
Jan 27 2022
@Mono try deleting all the svarog files, you'll have to do this manually (do a search of svarog and delete all the files, including the appdata files) and then reinstall following the procedure
bitwit Feb 06 2024
Feb 06 2024
I am getting the same error as Mono: "The sample svarog_lowtom1.ch1 wasn't found", but I can see no "Install Samples" option anywhere on the UI. There is no such option. (I am using Ableton 11 Standard.) Have manually deleted all installation files from the VST folder, re-tried installation, rescanned for plugin changes in Ableton, no difference. Anyone else have similar experience/solution?
Zeph Mar 08 2024
Mar 08 2024
I got a solution: Pass on this plugin. Find some metal clang sounds on Youtube or Freesound and build your own kit.