by SNFK Music
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Win64 OSX
CVoice1 is a simple pitch modulation.

CVoice1 allows you to create vibrato and unison detune.
  • Detune: An input signal is modulated by a sine LFO, creating a vibrato effect.
  • Stereo Enhancement: Provides differences in the left and right channel pitches.
  • Voices: The main element of the plugin - you can stack signals together to create unique detune and unison effects.
  • Saturation: Each voice can be saturated to add extra harmonics.
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User61 Jul 22 2021
(3 / 5)
Jul 22 2021
Everthing sounds quite good but the saturation section is my least likable part. The saturation dosen't sound like saturation color. More like cheap noise SFX.