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RDistortion is a multimode distortion.

5 types of distortion with filters (high pass and low pass filters).
Bob Sep 25 2021
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Sep 25 2021
I like the filters!
DrakuLaura Jul 26 2021
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Jul 26 2021
Sounds somewhat similar to the famous "Fruity Blood Overdrive" from FL Studio. Very loud, roughly digital, good for deafening guitar/synth presets. Very good harmonic enrichment as well. The interface is great, by the way, I love these TMNT vibes visible in it.
Luísa Lopes Jul 16 2021
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Jul 16 2021
Bom demais!!! Bem versátil por ter vários modos, quantidade suficiente de controle pra fazer um jogo rapido e ainda conseguir algo bem especifico pra necessidade.